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Walden Pond Press is a family company located in Verplanck, New York, dedicated to creating and publishing Music Books and Videos.

Verplanck is a little town on the Hudson River, less than 28 miles from downtown Manhattan. In fact, our first factory was a penthouse loft in Manhattan’s Garment District, but we soon outgrew it and found this wonderful old building in Verplanck, up the Hudson River.

Our town is so small that we can’t even have mail delivered to our factory, but to a tiny post office box in the next city!

For several years we have worked with an Emmy Award winning composer and author, John Aschenbrenner, who is undoubtedly one of the most successful teacher\artists in the New York metropolitan area.

John, who played piano on Broadway (“My One and Only”) and on TV (“As the World Turns”) and Film (Jane Fonda’s “China Syndrome” and the film music library “Cinemusic”) is devoted to teaching beginners how to play the piano, and is probably out there, somewhere in Upper Westchester County, right now, teaching a little seven year old (to the child’s delight) how to play Star Wars with one finger on his first piano lesson!

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Piano Is Easy Book By MailThe Christmas Carol Kit and Piano Is Easy (two of the earliest Piano by Number books) were in fact developed by Mr. Aschenbrenner from teaching everyday kids the piano.

John developed a thriving business in which he visited homes in over three states, giving private lessons designed to get kids and adults as excited about the piano as John said he was as a child.

Few teachers have the dedication to actually go to the student’s homes, and, week after week, see what works with a large variety of people who want to know how play the piano.

John took the time to do that, and the result are these wonderful books that have found a place at countless family pianos!

John said he noticed that, when he started people playing piano by number, “they got going straight away and most never stopped playing.” John taught kids and adults who are as healthy and regular as corn, but also kids with Down’s syndrome, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, stroke victims, aged nuns (yes, a class of nuns, really!) and anyone who asked.

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If you’ve ever wanted to try the piano by yourself, as slowly as you like, in the privacy of your home, then this is the book for you!

It’s not hard to get started if you have someone showing you every step of how to play the piano: it’s important to go as slowly as you can through each step outlined.

A child can do it easily, and as always, complete easy-to-follow directions are included with every fun piano book.

Let’s face it, most beginning piano books are too difficult for children of any age, but here are a couple of books that have been proven as a great adult-child project!

Anyone can start to play the piano. All you need is a piano and this book.

After you get your start reading music “by number,” Walden Pond Press has a great program to get you started reading conventional sheet music.

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Get a good start for you or your your child with Piano By Number” and then carefully shop to find the right local teacher! Get started and learn to play the piano!


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