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Piano By Number basics are the same as conventional piano basics, except that they are expressed in numbers instead of notes. Kids find this much easier to get started.

Reading music is not the best starting platform for kids, and many find it confusing. For kids, it prevents them diving into the fun sport of making music right away.

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Academics will argue that piano cannot be simplified for the sake of anyone. Perhaps that is why 90% of the kids who use the conventional method will quit within a year.

Numbered Keyboard
Numbered Keyboard

In the drawing above, Piano By Number puts numbered stickers on the keys as a reference point. It is transparently simple to a child.

In contrast, look at the drawing below, which shows the mysterious tools your child is given to start reading music on their first lesson.

Five Lines Above, Keyboard Below
Five Lines Above, Keyboard Below

The second drawing, (“five lines above, keyboard below”) is infinitely more confusing, involving conflicting geometric planes, dimensions that a child cannot even imagine.

This conventional method has a 90% failure rate. Piano By Number has a 10% failure rate.

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So what is it about musical notation that kids and almost all adults find so confusing, especially in the beginning?

The problem is dimensional: conventional sheet music requires the child to immediately think in several, abstract dimensions such as left-right, up-down, time-space, plus a myriad of other conceptual problems, like where do your fingers go, what finger do I use, what shape should my hand be in? The list is endless, at least to a six year-old.

Teachers make almost no allowance for a child’s confusion and push these concepts at them, repeating the ideas again and again until the kids are dazed and confused. Then, the lesson is over and we do it all again next week.

And you wonder why the kids quit.

Piano by number is extremely one-dimensional and easy for even disabled children to pick up immediately.

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